Restaurant Review: Mother's (Baltimore, MD)

Brunch is one of my favorite meal, although I would say the same thing for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks...In short, anything that concerns food. For our last meal in Baltimore, we wanted to go for  brunch. We decided to go to Mother's in Federal Hills. The restaurant is pretty big and seems to be a popular place. 
In their menu, they propose eggs, french toasts, pancakes, but also some more elaborate dishes. That is how I ended up with two sunny side eggs with shrimp over creamy grits. This was an excellent choice and the plating made it very appetizing! I like my eggs over easy and all the components worked nicely together, especially mixing the yolk, the cream (I was surprised by its lightness) and the grits.
The pancakes were good but nothing special to mention except that they served them with...potatoes...

If you are in Baltimore and are looking for a brunch place, Mother's is the place to go!!! And if you go, I suggest the shrimp dish that was amazing!

Enjoy (I did)!
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