Restaurant Review: Caesar's Den (Baltimore, MD)

This country has great Italian restaurants and we decided to go to Little Italy in Baltimore to try some good food. We did not pick any restaurant in advance and just walked in the streets. We ended up in Caesar's Den, a restaurant opened in the 70's. 
The restaurant was quite dark and the decoration quite "heavy". The menu had lots of choices, from typical italian to original dishes. Prices were reasonable (I always check prices against Fettuccine a la Vongole or Fettuccine Alfredo). I tried their shrimp in cream sauce over black linguine and the large bow-ties pasta with wild porcini mushrooms, cheese and light cream. I doubt that the pasta were homemade. They cooked them well, not al dente though, and the two dishes were slightly too salty. In both cases, the cream sauce was very good. We ended up with large plates, so we passed on the dessert...(I know, incredible!).

Overall, it was an ok restaurant. I would be back to Little Italy, I would probably try another one...Anyway, it seems that the owners would like to retire and are looking for somebody to take over.

Enjoy (he)!
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