Restaurant Review: Benny Tudino's Pizza (Hoboken, NJ)

The New York area has great pizza! From the regular slice, to the sicilian, to the white pie! One of my favorite pizza restaurant is Benny Tudino's in Hoboken. This restaurant opened in 1968 and is known for its large $3 slice: a crispy thin crust with a tasty tomato sauce and lots of cheese! I just regret that they do not serve other types such as sicilian or white pie by the slice. 

I usually prefer eating pizza at the restaurant because, when delivered, the pizza has a tendency to steam in the box, and the crust becomes soggy or loses its crispiness. Having an oven pizza stone might do the trick!

Concerning the other type of food this restaurant serves, I heard mixed reviews: some say that the food is good, some say that it is terrible! I so love their slice that I never think about eating something else!

Last, you do not go to that restaurant for the service! A little smile would be welcome!

If you'd like a good slice, come to Benny Tudino's in Hoboken: you will not regret it!

Enjoy (I did)!
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