Restaurant review- Wolfgang's Steakhouse

Image of steaks and onion rings at Wolfgang's steakhouse in NYC, New York

I love steaks and I was really excited to try Wolfgang's Steakhouse in New York City. Be careful, it has nothing to do with Wolfgang Puck: the owner is Wolfgang Weiner and there have been a lawsuit in the past as Mr. Puck said that the name of the Steakhouse was misleading. Wolfgang Weiner used to work for Peter Luger in Brooklyn, one of the top rated steakhouses in the US. Well, I can tell you that it is not because you worked there that it means you are going to have good steaks! This was horrible!!!

First of all, Mr Weiner was a head waiter at Peter Luger: well I do not know what quality of service he was giving at that time, but clearly, service needs improvement at Wolfgang's! The servers were more interested in discussing soccer than taking care of the customers....

Second of all, the food was really average. It started with stale bread. I began the meal with crab cakes (I love crab so much that I may change into a crab one day!), served with a salad and tartare sauce. When the plate arrived, I could right away see that it was dry, and it was. The only positive is that there was a lot of lump crab. 
We then had the ribeye and the filet mignon. As side dishes, we ordered onion rings and sauteed mushrooms.  The meat was cooked as ordered but the outside of the filet mignon was charred, most likely because they cooked it on flames. Cutting both pieces of meat, we could see that it was not a good quality. I think I get better cuts at Whole Foods! The steaks were dry and I clearly needed the steak sauce. Mushrooms were so so and the only thing I liked were in fact the onion rings, although slightly too salty!

Clearly, Wolfgang's Steakhouse does not measure up with Ruth's Chris (NYC), Dino & Harry's (Hoboken) or The Old Homestead (NYC)! If you want a good steak, forget Wolfgang's!!!!

I'd like to say "Enjoy" but I did not!

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