Event: Food Network Challenge- Chocolate Myths!

One of my colleagues, Vanessa Greeley, is a talented pastry chef (she has been Silver Medalist in the 2010 Connecticut Cake Competition Challenge) who graduated from the French Culinary Institute of New York. Vanessa has participated in Chocolate Myths Challenge on the Food Network that aired yesterday at 8pm. The principle of the show, as described by the Food Network is: “Four chocolatiers will create their version of a mythical creature and then bring it to life with some extreme effects. But there is magic and mischief afoot in the Challenge studio. And the competitors will have to work fast and smart to overcome it all win ten thousand dollars”.

The show will air again tonight and tomorrow morning – Check it out!

Monday July 18 at 11:00 pm
Tuesday July 19 at 2:00 am

Check Vanessa’s website at http://www.vanessascakedesigns.com

…Enjoy (I will)!