My trip to Europe: Le Tacos de Lyon in Grenoble, France - Mexican tacos made by the French?

image of Le Tacos de Lyon in Grenoble, France

Each time I was visiting my family in Grenoble, France, my nephew Valentin was mentioning this place called Le Tacos de Lyon. As at the same time he was talking about kebab, I was definitely intrigued, wondering how the French would make Mexican tacos and proposed to go there for lunch.
image of Le Tacos de Lyon in Grenoble, France

It is a small place located in a short street close to the center of the town. Very colorful, they serve food until 1am, the crowd being different depending on the time of the day. Mainly young as they offer very affordable prices making it very attractive to high schoolers and students, as well as people who want to eat something original.

First of all, do not say "a taco": it is "a tacos". Then, do not think you will be served Mexican tacos. There, not fish taco, no adobo chicken, no guacamole or pico de gallo. It is a tacos with flavors from Maghreb: the sour cream is replaced by a homemade cheese sauce to balance with the heat some of the sauces or ingredients can have; the sauces are, for the most part, made with Harissa, a hot chili pepper paste coming from Tunisia; and they offer choices of meat like merguez, a lamb sausage fairly common in North African cuisine. I met with the manager, Salah Dardouri, a very warm and welcoming guy, who explained to me that the idea comes from Lyon, considered by most as the capital of French gastronomy. Hence the name Le Tacos de Lyon. Then, they opened a first restaurant in Saint-Martin D'Hères in 2006 and since then have three restaurants in the area. Salah told me that, when they opened in Grenoble, lots of people told them that they were crazy, but he proved them that they were wrong. In fact, I saw plenty of restaurants serving this type of tacos, in Grenoble and elsewhere, and they seem to have a clientele.
image of sandwiches at Le Tacos de Lyon in Grenoble, France

You order at the counter and they will bring your order at the table. First, you pick your meat. You can choose one or two, depending on your appetite. In fact, if you are really hungry, you can order a mega tacos with a choice of four meats, but I am not sure that even Adam Richman (Man vs Food) would be able to finish it. They propose: merguez, ground beef, chicken nuggets or chicken cordon bleu. Then, you pick the sauce: white (similar to the one we have in the US, that they put on kebab), ketchup, mayo, aioli, algérienne, Marocaine, Samourai, etc. As mentioned above, the latter being prepared with Harissa. 

Jodi ordered a vegetarian one, made with eggs and veggies, and with white sauce.

image of sandwiches at Le Tacos de Lyon in Grenoble, France

On my side, I ordered the merguez with aioli. 
image of sandwiches at Le Tacos de Lyon in Grenoble, France
When the sandwiches came, we noticed that they use a tortilla, similar to a burrito or enchilada, that they first stuffed and then grilled. It was heavy for sure. 

The first bite, we realized that they were fries in it, bathed in a lot of sauce. Let me tell you: this first bite was divine. Very comforting, the fries were better in the sandwich than outside, although I got to try them separately and they were as I like them: skinny, not greasy, cooked all the way through and crispy. The merguez was also very good. Salah explained to me that usually, merguez are made with meat leftovers. Not there: they chose the meat before transforming it into a delicious, sometimes spicy sausage.

I admit that I could not finish, the sandwich being very filling. 
image of french fries and sauces at Le Tacos de Lyon in Grenoble, France

So, as I mentioned before, we also tried the fries as my nephew wanted us to taste some of the original sauces they serve. We tried:

image of sauce samourai at Le Tacos de Lyon in Grenoble, France

image of sauce Andalouse at Le Tacos de Lyon in Grenoble, France

Biggy burger (the most popular):
image of sauce Biggy Burger at Le Tacos de Lyon in Grenoble, France

Homemade cheese (the same they put in the sandwich):
image of Cheese sauce at Le Tacos de Lyon in Grenoble, France

Tunisienne and Marocaine:
image of Tunisienne and Marocaine sauce at Le Tacos de Lyon in Grenoble, France

My favorite was the Biggy burger, probably because it is made with mayonnaise. But I admit that I liked the Tunisienne and Marocaine, because of the kick they had. 
image of French fries sauce at Le Tacos de Lyon in Grenoble, France

I really liked my meal at Le Tacos de Lyon: it was very good and comforting for an affordable price, even if it is far from a Mexican Taco. Know that if you do not like the tacos, they offer platters, as well as burgers.

Le Tacos de Lyon
4 Rue Brocherie
38000 Grenoble, France

Enjoy (I did)!

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