The Gotham West Market - part 3/5: Genuine Roadside

At Gotham West Market, away from the hustle and bustle of the main food court is Genuine Roadside, a casual sandwich shop with its own dining area, from AvroKo Hospitality Group, who also owns Saxon+Parole and Public. Well I guess it is it's own dining area, though I witnessed a group of people sitting at one of their tables and getting some food from another restaurant (I have names!). 

The seating area is definitely comfortable, especially if you want to avoid sitting at a counter of a restaurant or hate communal tables. 

Decor wise, it is suppose to reflect a certain nostalgia, from the old photos on the walls, to the old radio and cassettes. 

They also provide games, so you can play while waiting for your order. 

Food wise, it is more for the carnivore than vegetarian, the later having very limited choices. But if you like burgers, pork, chicken or seafood, this might be your spot. 

The way it works is that you order at the counter, and they will give you a buzzer that will vibrate and light up when your food is ready. 

Our food came after a reasonable wait. 

Jodi ordered the sole vegetarian sandwich from the menu: The High Five Mushroom burger.

It is made of a marinated portobello mushroom that is grilled, topped with dill, tomato, Swiss cheese and their house sauce. It is a very good sandwich, flavorful, and you do not need to be vegetarian to appreciate it.

On my side, I ordered the buttermilk battered chicken sandwich:

I think I inhaled it: it was delicious! The chicken was perfectly cooked, crispy on the outside and moist inside, it was paired with sambal mayo (sambal is a spicy Southeast Asian condiment made with chili pepper and salt) and a celery and apple slaw, giving a sweet and spicy taste. This is definitely recommended.

To counteract the spices and stay hydrated (???), I ordered a vanilla milk shake.

It was quite a good one, thick, but not to the point that when you will try to get it through the straw  it will be too hard, and not too milky, having a nice vanilla taste (they probably use vanilla syrup).

We enjoyed the food at Genuine Roadside. It is a bit on the pricy side considering the food they serve (for instance, the fries are extra, that is crazy: they could throw few fries with the sandwiches), but it might be justified by the quality if the ingredients. I would definitely go back to try some other sandwiches.

Enjoy (I did)!

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