Celebrating Easter with La Maison du Chocolat

Please note that the chocolate was complimentary. However, I was not obliged to post and the opinions expressed in my blog are 100% my own!
image of La Maison du Chocolat Easter chocolate

La Maison Du Chocolat proposed to send me some samples of their Easter collection, crafted by Chef Nicolas Cloiseau. I, of course, accepted, being a big fan of this establishment (great hot cocoa, pastries and chocolates). 
image of La Maison du Chocolat Easter chocolate

They sent me some chocolate eggs with the following flavors:
  • Praline with crispy crepe,
  • Almond praline,
  • Praline hazelnut (my favorite),
  • crispy praline.
image of La Maison du Chocolat Easter chocolate

There was also a milk chocolate bunny with a surprise inside: yes, some of these chocolate eggs. 

Needless to say that these chocolates did not last long...

While preparing this post, I checked the Easter collection of La Maison du Chocolat, and was amazed by the creations of Chef Nicolas Cloiseau, such as the atelier:
Courtesy La Maison Du chocolat
It looks incredible and I do not see how one could eat that! Well, ok, it is good chocolate: I would eat that! I just wish it was always Easter...Although I do not need any reason to go to there!

Enjoy (I did)!

La Maison Du Chocolat on UrbanspoonLa Maison du Chocolat on UrbanspoonLa Maison Du Chocolat on Urbanspoon

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And Remember: I Just Want To Eat!