Quick lunch at Faces and Names in Midtown NYC

image of Faces and Names in Midtown NYC

My colleagues and I were looking for a quick spot to get lunch and ended up at Faces and Names, a bar and lounge located Midtown West. This place gets its name from the multiple caricatures from Dan Springer of famous people like Miles Davis and Jeanette Lee, the Black Widow:
image of Jeanette Lee Black Widow and Miles Davis at Faces and Names in Midtown NYC

Or the Three Stooges:
image of The Three Stooges at Faces and Names in Midtown NYC

The restaurant has several areas: the bar, the dining room and the lounge with its fireplace (you can see a painting of the Rolling Stones on the left).
image of Lounge and dining area at Faces and Names in Midtown NYC

In term of menu, they offer the classics: mini-burgers (apparently they are known for), wings, mini chicken tacos, shrimp cocktails...A bunch of choices perfect to eat in this kind of setting.

We sat in the bar area and picked some dishes from the bar menu. As I was going for a press dinner in the evening, I chose something light...I picked the tomato and mozzarella salad:
image of tomato and mozzarella salad at Faces and Names in Midtown NYC

I could not resist and added some fried prosciutto! It definitely added some crunch to the salad that was very good, but a bit overdressed.

For dessert, they gave us what looked like a clafoutis: it was deliciously buttery and not too sweet.
image of clafoutis at Faces and Names in Midtown NYC

This was a nice and quick lunch in a place with an interesting decor. I would definitely go back!

Enjoy (I did)!

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