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image of Booskerdoo coffee - Monmouth County, NJ

If you follow this blog, you probably know what my favorite drink is. It is not wine, margaritas, cognac or whiskey. No, it is coffee. I drink lots of it, all day long, to the point where, if I do not get enough, I am not feeling too good: this is called addiction. I drink it black with no sugar, but sometimes, I do not mind un cafe au lait (coffee with milk) and I discovered last year the Macchiato from Illy that, although pricey, is exquisite. Interestingly, I love coffee to drink, but I am not a big fan of coffee in desserts, with the exception of tiramisu.

I stopped using sugar in coffee few years ago, after reading an article where the writer explained that it usually takes few weeks before getting accustomed to this. So I tried. At first, I did not like it, but after three weeks, I was fine. Considering the amount of coffee I drink, cutting on sugar was probably a good idea.

What could explain my addiction is that coffee is an institution in France: people drink it for breakfast, after lunch or after dinner, and sometimes in the afternoon, when socializing with family and friends. Except in tourist places such as Les Champs-Elysées in Paris, you can just sit at the terrace of a café for few hours, enjoying each others company or watching people: a lot of time, nobody will bother you, asking you to order something to be able to stay. Don't be surprise also to see kids sipping a cup of coffee at a café: it is the only "adult" drink they can have, alcohol not supposed to be served if you are not 18 years old (although they never check the age of the patron...); it is also the cheapest.
image of espresso made with Booskerdoo coffee - Monmouth County, NJ

So I was excited when I was contacted to review coffee from Booskerdoo, a micro roaster located in Monmouth Beach, NJ. I received three different coffee beans that were freshly roasted, because they do not have a warehouse and roast the coffee right before shipping it.

image of grinding coffee beans from Booskerdoo coffee - Monmouth County, NJ

Each coffee bag came with a description: type of coffee, origin if applicable, roast and body (mouthfeel), as well as suggestions for pairing (food, friends or even smoke breaks!). Although full of humor, the pairing was interesting, because when ordering coffee, you would typically ask for the way it is done or served: regular, espresso or latte. You would not think about choosing the kind of coffee as you would for wine. Preparing this post, I did some research and realized that the same descriptive terms for wine apply to coffee: floral, citrusy, spicy, woody, caramel, nutty...Interesting, no? So, why not pairing? Maybe one day we will see that in a dessert menu. 

So here are the ones I got to try: Black and Tan that is a Danish Blend.
image of Danish blend from Booskerdoo coffee - Monmouth County, NJ

Single origin that was from Guatemala:
image of coffee beans from Booskerdoo coffee - Monmouth County, NJ

Jersey Diner-style blend:
image of coffee beans Jersey diner-style blend from Booskerdoo coffee - Monmouth County, NJ

I did few tries, adjusting a bit the time I ground the beans before making my espresso, but I would say that the first two where my favorite, having more body.

I am not an expert of coffee and will probably never be, but I enjoy that drink at any time of the day. Trying Booskerdoo made me realize how much there is to learn about this beverage: like wine it has its characteristics that only few people know. The fact that Booskerdoo roast the coffee before shipping is a big plus as it gives their coffee some freshness and this fantastic aroma that even people who don't drink coffee can recognize. 

36 Beach Road, Suite 9 
Monmouth Beach, NJ 07750

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