Mexican brunch at Sabores in Hoboken, NJ

image of Sabores in Hoboken, NJ

I am not sure how to start this post, the experience at Sabores being so disappointing, food and service wise. And it is not as if we went there right after they opened! 

Before I start with the details, let me give you some information on the restaurant. It is located in the middle of Washington street, and area that has always been tough for restaurants because there is more foot traffic downtown. Several restaurants tried but failed; the last one was Piri Piri, a Portuguese BBQ, unique in Hoboken. Of course, food or service are not the only reason: rent increase is a big factor that led, for instance, to the closure of my favorite Indian restaurant in town: India on the Hudson. 

So, Sabores serves Mexican cuisine. In fact, we were greeted by: "Here we serve real Mexican cuisine", probably a dig to East LA, a popular Mexican restaurant located few steps from it. 

image of Sabores in Hoboken, NJ
The place is big (high ceilings) and very colorful with dark pink walls.

So, Sabores means "savors" in English: let see how the food measured up! Similar to most of the mexican restaurant we went to, they brought us some tortilla chips and salsa, a little after we ordered.

image of tortilla chips and salsa at Sabores in Hoboken, NJ

I guess it is the equivalent of bread and butter, Mexican style! I appreciated to have chips that were not stale as it happened some other times in other restaurants.

Then, we decided to order our favorite appetizer: guacamole!
image of guacamole at Sabores in Hoboken, NJ

Nice presentation, however, the avocado was not ripe, making it inedible. Interestingly, the table next to us had the same problem!
image of guacamole at Sabores in Hoboken, NJ

Jodi ordered the ensalada verde, made with red onions, tomatoes, avocados, arugula, corn and radish.

image of ensalada verde at Sabores in Hoboken, NJ

The price, $10, was right, but, what should have been the star of the dish, the avocado, was not good, again.

On my side, I ordered the Huevos Rancheros, my favorite Mexican brunch dish!
image of Huevos Rancheros at Sabores in Hoboken, NJ

Huevos Rancheros are sunny side eggs, cheese, beans and salsa on tortilla. I liked it: the egg was perfectly cooked with a runny yolk where I dipped the tortilla. I just would have liked more beans...

Needless to say that the experience was disappointing. Knowing that avocado is used in so many dishes, how can you serve bad ones! Concerning the service, the issue was more inexperience than anything else, so hopefully it will improve as time passes.

Enjoy (...)!

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