My nephew culinary visit: day 1 - steaks at Dino & Harry's in Hoboken, NJ

My brother and sister-in-law sent us for a week my nephew Valentin who turned 16 years old this year. We were all very excited to have him here and made it a culinary experience for two reasons: Valentin loves and appreciates food, and also because, where he lives, there is not as much diversity as in New York. So we skipped French restaurants and went for typical American as well as ethnic cuisine. First stop was at Dino & Harry's in Hoboken: you cannot come to this country without trying a steak!
image of Dino & Harry's in Hoboken, NJ

I love this steakhouse that I consider one of the best: good quality of meat and they definitely know how to cook perfectly a steak.

So, while we were waiting for our steaks, we ate some delicious focaccia bread and breadsticks with some olive oil, catching up on the news from the family. 
image of bread basket at Dino & Harry's in Hoboken, NJ

Of course, Jodi ordered her favorite: petite filet mignon, perfectly cooked medium and served with mushrooms.
image of petite filet mignon at Dino & Harry's in Hoboken, NJ

Delicious as usual, the meat was very tender and juicy.

Valentin and I shared the porterhouse for two:
image of Porterhouse at Dino & Harry's in Hoboken, NJ

It was a big piece of meat, where the strip loin (right) was separated by a T-shape bone from the tenderloin (left). We ordered it medium-rare and it was, again, perfectly cooked. The meat was tender, juicy, with a nice char on the outside. 

We ate it with some delicious béarnaise sauce:
image of bearnaise sauce at Dino & Harry's in Hoboken, NJ

For sides, we went for Mac & Cheese:
image of Mac & cheese at Dino & Harry's in Hoboken, NJ

I was so happy to see that on the menu: it goes so well with a steak! It was nice and creamy.

We also shared the creamed spinach:
image of creamed spinach at Dino & Harry's in Hoboken, NJ

When I think that when I was a kid, I did not really like spinach! These were fantastic, probably because of the cream though...At least I could say that I had my share of greens that day...

Of course we could not leave without any dessert...Valentin tried the Snowboken, made of vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge, marshmallow, crumbled Oreo cookies and shaved coconut.
image of snowboken dessert at Dino & Harry's in Hoboken, NJ

On my side, I ordered the pear and almond tart:
image of pear and almond tart at Dino & Harry's in Hoboken, NJ

It was served with a cinnamon ice cream that complemented well the tart. However, I was a bit disappointed by the almond part of it: not enough!

It was a good start for this visit, Dino & Harry's being a great place, and Valentin was amazed by the steak he just ate! It would for sure only be the beginning...

Enjoy (I did)!

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