My nephew culinary visit: day 4 / part 2: Luke's Lobster in NYC, New York

image of Luke's Lobster in NYC, New York

So, after Katz's and the Doughnut Plant, we wanted to eat light (!) and went to the original location of Luke's Lobster, one of my favorites for Lobster rolls. I was very excited because it was a first for Valentin. In France, lobster is still considered a luxurious ingredient that you will mainly find in expensive restaurants, although few spots in Paris have been trying to impose this delicious lobster sandwich. 
image of Luke's Lobster in NYC, New York

The place is very small, with a tiny kitchen and a decor that is all about fishing, and we got lucky to find a spot to seat. 
image of Luke's Lobster in NYC, New York

We decided to go for their lobster roll, too full to try their trio (shrimp roll, crab roll and lobster roll).

image of Lobster roll at Luke's Lobster in NYC, New York

We got served fairly quickly. There was a lot of lobster and there was a buttery smell emanating from the sandwich. It was fantastic! I clearly prefer a lobster roll served this way, not smothered in mayonnaise. 

With The Red Hook Lobster Pound, Luke's Lobster is my favorite spot for Lobster rolls in NYC! 

Enjoy (I did)!

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