Maison, French Brasserie located Midtown, NYC, New York

image of Maison French Brasserie, NYC, New York

Maison is a brasserie located Midtown that is opened 24/7. Its decor is really impressive, between the high ceilings and the giant old ads. The place is of medium size, benefiting from the outside area that is perfect on a warm day.
image of Maison French Brasserie, NYC, New York

It has ben a while I did not go there: at least since I started this blog! The last time was with our friends Diana and Peter, for brunch, and I had a succulent duck confit crepe that is not anymore on the menu.
image of coffee at Maison French Brasserie, NYC, New York

We went for brunch and did not start that well as they kind of forgot us...The manager came and apologized, offering us some drinks; I just went for coffee (sorry, no bellini)! But we thought the service would be better once they realized we were there, unfortunately, it was not the case: it was the poorest service we had in a long time! And it was so unusual for that place.

Concerning the menu, you will find lots of basic dishes you would find in brasseries, although the restaurant features mainly specialties from Brittany, such as crepes, as well as standard brunch dishes such as eggs Benedict.

Jodi decided to try their Croque Monsieur, made with ham and beer marinated Swiss cheese:

image of Croque monsieur at Maison French Brasserie, NYC, New York

When ordering, they ask you if you want fries or the mixed salad. She picked the salad. The presentation was wonderfully rustic and appetizing! And the croque monsieur was delicious! The bread was soft and there was a lot of cheese.

On my side, I ordered the smoked ham and gruyere cheese crepe with a fried egg on top:
image of Ham and cheese crepe at Maison French Brasserie, NYC, New York

Similar to Jodi, I had choice between fries or salad: I picked salad. The crepe itself was just ok: too thin, you could barely taste it! However, there were a lot of ham and cheese and I loved the fact that the fried egg was cooked over easy, so I could dip the crepe in the runny yolk!

And it is only few seconds before our dishes came that they asked us if we wanted some bread with some sort of pepper butter and olive oil!!!
image of Bread and butter at Maison French Brasserie, NYC, New York

Despite the service, it was a good brunch and we will probably go back. This time, hopefully, it will be a more enjoyable experience!

Enjoy (I did)!

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