The Pink Tea Cup in NYC, New York - CLOSED!

image of The Pink Tea Cup in NYC, New York

I would not call our last visit to The Pink Tea Cup a revisit per se as it was the first time we went to their location near Union Square. Yes, close to the start of the blog, we went to their location downtown, that closed few months later. Then, few years ago, this one popped up and I promised myself to try it someday. That day had come! The place was for sure different: no communal table but a large painting taking an entire wall, pink walls in the back. 
image of The Pink Tea Cup in NYC, New York

This place serves comfort food and there was one particular Southern dish I really wanted to try there: chicken and waffles. Weird combination, but so good! It is like having an entree and dessert at the same time! What makes this place so particular is that they serve different proteins with waffles, such as catfish, shrimp...Also, they make all kind of waffles: plain, sweet potato, raspberry...

To start, we decided to share the fried green tomatoes. 
image of Fried green tomatoes at The Pink Tea Cup in NYC, New York

When the plate came, it did not look that appetizing. We had to ask for a sauce and they only had some caesar dressing that was pretty salty. We barely ate them! The tomatoes were a bit mushy and the breading we were expecting was breaking apart and quasi none existent. These are fried tomatoes! Don't be shy about the frying: we were not expecting a healthy dish!

Then, Jodi ordered the Mac and cheese. 
image of Mac and cheese at The Pink Tea Cup in NYC, New York

We could immediately see that they served it from a tray. It was good: lots of cheese (probably processed) and not dry. 

Them came my chicken and waffle:
image of Chicken and waffle at The Pink Tea Cup in NYC, New York

Contrary to the first location I went to, there was a decent amount of chicken. Unfortunately, it was overcooked and so dry. The waffle, plain, was good but the syrup was so sweet (low quality) that at the end the waffle taste was lost in too much sweetness. 

So it was definitely not the best revisit for a restaurant and we left pretty disappointed. At least we tried!

Enjoy (...)!
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