Lunch at Trattoria Saporito in Hoboken, NJ

Image of Trattoria Saporito in Hoboken, NJ

One of my colleagues suggested Trattoria Saporito few weeks ago, so Jodi and I decided to try it. I admit that we passed in front of it few times, but never thought about going in. When we entered the restaurant, we could not miss the decor. Let's summarize by this: if Gordon Ramsay was to help them in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, he would for sure change the decor and furniture...
Image of Trattoria Saporito in Hoboken, NJ

When we went there, we wanted to try their business lunch that offers, for $10.95 (at the time of this post) a prix-fixe where you can choose an appetizer, an entree and a soda. Pretty good deal! On top of that, they offer a wide choice of dishes, not like most of the place where choice is limited.

We started of with the appetizers. Jodi ordered the Caesar salad:
Image of Caesar salad at Trattoria Saporito in Hoboken, NJ

The salad was good, but a bit overdressed.

I ordered the fried calamari (calamari fritti):
Image of Fried calamari or calamari fritti at Trattoria Saporito in Hoboken, NJ

It was pretty good: crispy, not rubbery and not greasy. It was served with a nice amount of marinara sauce.

Then, Jodi ordered the bucatini with eggplant and ricotta salata. 
Image of Bucatini with eggplant and ricotta salata at Trattoria Saporito in Hoboken, NJ

There was a lot of sauce and the sauce was a bit watery in some part, but still good. The bucatini, that are a thicker version of spaghetti, were perfectly cooked.

I ordered my favorite dish: the linguine a la Vongole with white sauce.
Image of Linguine a la Vongole at Trattoria Saporito in Hoboken, NJ

I was suprised when the plate arrived as there were quite a lot of clams (a dozen). There again, there was a bit too much sauce, but I have to say that I enjoyed it! Again, the pasta were perfectly cooked. 

We finished the meal with a homemade tiramisu (additional to the prix fixe):
Image of Tiramisu at Trattoria Saporito in Hoboken, NJ

It was delicious, light and delightfully creamy. A great dessert!

Clearly the business lunch at Trattoria Saporito was a good deal. Imagine that with two prix-fixe lunches, a dessert and a tea, the total bill with tip was less than $41. Definitely a place to know!

Enjoy (I did)! 
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