A trip to Montreal - Part 5: Kitchenette

Image of Kitchenette in Montreal, Canada

On Saturday night, we went to Kitchenette, a restaurant located in the Gay Village, close to Radio Canada. We found this place after watching Unique Eats that is one of our favorite shows! 

This place is located in a residential area and if you do not have the address, you can easily miss it! 
image of Kitchenette in Montreal, Canada

The interior is modern but has an old feel to it thanks to its leather banquettes. The dining room overlooks the kitchen that is right behind the bar, where you can see the Chef, Nick Hodge, who is from Texas, prepare some comforting dishes upgraded for fine dining. 
Image of Kitchenette in Montreal, Canada

They started by bringing us bread and butter.

It was funny to see that the bowl in which the bread was looked as if it has been bought in a garage sale. In fact it gave the impression we were at a friend for a casual dinner.
image of bread at Kitchenette in Montreal, Canada

For starters, Jodi ordered the albacore (tuna) tartare "beach style" nachos:
image of tuna tartare nachos at Kitchenette in Montreal, Canada
It was very good, light and refreshing. The nachos gave a nice crunch to the dish.

I ordered the crab cakes, served with Ranch dressing:

image of Crab cakes at Kitchenette in Montreal, Canada

They were good: not the best I ever had but good. The crust was a bit too thick though and the crab was probably from the claw, as I noticed some sweetness so particular to it.

For the main dish, Jodi ordered the Brussels sprouts, parmesan grits and soft egg:
image of brussels sprouts, parmesan grits and egg at Kitchenette in Montreal, Canada

It was a great dish, proposed as an appetizer rather than a main dish, but with a nice portion. The egg was perfectly cooked and having the yolk oozing from it and getting mixed with the grits was divine. The Brussels sprouts were very good, proving once again that this little known vegetable is not as bad as its reputation.

On my side, I ordered the dish I saw on TV: blackened halibut with sweet potato mash, toasted marshmallows, Hoppin' John and fried brussels sprouts.
image of blackened halibut with sweet potatoes and toasted marshmallows at Kitchenette in Montreal, Canada
When the dish came, I was a bit disappointed because there was not as many toasted marshmallows as on TV! But this dish not only looked beautiful, but was phenomenal! The fish was perfect: a bit flaky and moist with a nice blackened skin. The Brussels sprouts gave a bit of crunchiness and the sweetness of the mash and marshmallows was a bit addictive! As if I was eating the main course and dessert at the same time, but with a combination that works!
I admit that I did not know what Hoppin'John were: rice and black eyed peas, this is a recipe from Texas, the origin of the Chef! It was good, but I would not have minded if it was not present on the plate that was already busy.

We skipped dessert as we were too full after our first day in Montreal. I regret it because this dinner was  memorable.

Enjoy (I did)!
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