Lulu's Bakery in Queens, NYC, New York

Image of Lulu's bakery box - Queens, New York
David, one of my coworkers, brought some pastries from Lulu's, a bakery located in Queens. It was a box full of fresh mini size pastries. So, as I am fully dedicated to this blog, I had no other choice than trying few of them...

The first one was the Lulu's, a cream puff that is the specialty of the place.
Image of The Lulu from Lulu's bakery  - Queens, New York

The shell was very fresh and well cooked (when slightly overcooked, it can overpower the entire pastry), and the vanilla bean cream inside was very light.
Image of The Lulu from Lulu's bakery  - Queens, New York

Then, I got an eclair:
Image of the Chocolate Eclair from Lulu's bakery  - Queens, New York

The top was made of some delicious dark chocolate and the inside was a vanilla cream. The shell was similar to the Lulu's. I really liked it, because of the combination of the chocolate glaze and the vanilla cream that complemented well.

The last was definitely for chocolate lovers. I call it the Dark chocolate cream puff!
Image of Dark Chocolate Cream Puff from Lulu's bakery  - Queens, New York
It was smothered in a dark chocolate and had a very dark and dense chocolate cream inside.

I have to say that I really enjoyed the three pastries from Lulu's bakery that I tried: they tasted fresh, made with quality ingredients and, most importantly, were not too sweet, allowing people to eat several (plenty?) of them. A good address for sure!

Enjoy (I did)!

And remember: I Just Want To Eat!

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