Bibimbap at Bann in NYC, New York

Image of Entrance of Bann Korean BBQ in NYC, New York
You know, sometimes you taste a dish and it becomes The Dish you would like to try in many restaurants, to find out which one serves the best, if the flavors can be different from one restaurant to another or simply because you like it! For me, it is all of that for Bibimbap! What is strange is that I do not have the same reaction with fried rice, although Bibimbap could be compared to it in a certain way (I hope I am not offending anybody...).

One of my colleagues, Hamid, suggested to try Bann, a Korean restaurant that also has bar and lounge at the entrance, making it look fancy.
Image of Kitchen of Bann Korean BBQ in NYC, New York

The layout of the restaurant is quite interesting in fact: when you enter, you pass the bar, then the kitchen with its counter, and then you see this big dining room that was very dark.

After we ordered, they brought us the usual Banchan, these small dishes they serve you in Korean restaurants.

Image of Banchan at Bann Korean BBQ in NYC, New York

I have to say that I was a bit disappointed because usually, they bring you 6 to 8 different small dishes. Here it was only three and only the kimchi was great!

We got ourselves the Dol Sol Bibimbap. Jodi picked the vegetarian one and I got the chicken one.
image of Chicken bibimbap at Bann Korean BBQ in NYC, New York

In fact, mine was similar to the one Jodi got, except that it had chicken. This chicken was moist and tasty and overall, the dish was very good and flavorful. The stone bowl was extremely hot and did its job by burning the rice and creating a crust that was fantastic! 

Outside of Koreatown, Bann is definitely a place to recommend for bibimbap!

Enjoy (I did)!

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