Virgil's Real BBQ in NYC, New York

Image of Virgil's Real BBQ Restaurant in Times Square, NYC, New York
It is no surprise that I love BBQ and when we have people visiting, it is often an option for lunch or dinner. So, this time, we went to Virgil's Real BBQ, near Times Square. The place has the feel of any BBQ places I tried: wood all other and a delicious smell of meat as soon as you enter. It was a Friday night and the place was packed! 

This whole experience started well when they gave us a towel instead of a napkin on the table.
Image of Towel instead of napkin at Virgil's real BBQ in Times Square NYC, New York
It was definitely promising!

So we ordered food! Jodi got the Mac & Cheese, as I was going for a sampler and we were planning to share a bit.
Image of the Mac and cheese at Virgil's Real BBQ in Times Square, NYC, New York

The Mac & Cheese were so so. The cheese did not have a great of a taste and it was not as creamy as I like...

On my side, I ordered the pick 3 BBQ combo.
Image of the BBQ combo with brisket, ribs and chicken at Virgil's Real BBQ in NYC, New York

You pick 3 BBQ dishes, 2 sides and it is served with corn bread. I chose the BBQ chicken, the pork ribs and the beef brisket. The sides were mash potatoes and a biscuit with honey butter. Let's start with the sides: the mash potatoes were good and dense. The biscuit was terrible and the corn bread had a weird taste: clearly not your traditional corn bread...unfortunately! Clearly not the best choices.
Then the meat: the brisket was good but a bit dry. Fortunately, each table had some sauce, mild or hot to make it better! The chicken was the best part: moist with a nice and tasty skin. The worst was the rib: very dry!

I was disappointed by Virgil's BBQ. I think Brother's Jimmy and Southern Hospitality are far better: better meat and better sides. So, I will forget that one...

Enjoy (the post)!

And remember: I Just Want To Eat!

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