Ramen at Menkui Tei in NYC, New York

Image of Entrance of Men Kui Te in Midtown Manhattan, NYC, New York
I am wondering if, to make tons of money, people should not open a ramen restaurant!!! Each time I went to any restaurant of this sort, it was packed and there was a line outside! This time, I went to Menkui Tei (literally "noodle eating shop"), a Japanese noodle shop located Midtown Manhattan for lunch. We had to wait for a table for 10 minutes (not bad), but I can tell you that the place was very crowded and people were happy to see us leaving...

I ordered one of their best sellers: the Hakata ramen.

Image of Hakata ramen at Men Kui Te in Midtown Manhattan, NYC, New York

It is made of a pork bone broth, straight noodles, roast pork, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, scallion, pickled ginger and sesame seeds. I also asked for a boiled egg, but I wished the egg was not cooked all the way through and that the yolk was runny so it mixes with the broth. I think the star of the dish was the pork: it was delicious! Tender and very tasty. I liked the broth, although the ones at Ippudo or Momofuku are far better and tastier. But still, it was a good dish! One last element that was nice was the ginger, that came through from time to time.

Menkui Te offers a nice alternative Midtown; It might not be the best ramen in town, but it is a good address to know if you are craving noodles!

Enjoy (I did)!

And remember: I Just Want To eat!

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