Cheap Lunch at V{IV} A Thai restaurant in NYC, New York

Image of Entrance of Viv in Hell's Kitchen - NYC, New York
Usually, for a cheap delicious lunch, I am thinking about eating Thai or Chinese as most of the restaurants serving these types of cuisines offer lunch specials or lunch menus that are usually good deals. Viv is no exception, although, entering in the restaurant, you would think that you are in a fancier version of most of the Thai restaurants in NYC or even in a lounge! The decor is splendid with black everywhere: from the walls to the ceiling, to the granite tables. It is a great choice to make the colors of the food stick out!

So I went for the lunch menu that offered an appetizer and an entree for less than $8. What was interesting is that they proposed choices for the appetizers; usually, you only get a spring roll. At Viv, you could get:

Spring rolls:
Image of Spring Rolls at Viv in Hell's Kitchen - NYC, New York

Image of Edamame at Viv in Hell's Kitchen - NYC, New York

Or Fried Calamari:
Image of Fried Calamari at Viv in Hell's Kitchen - NYC, New York

I ordered the fried calamari that were fantastic: not rubbery and not greasy, it was crispy and the sweet chili sauce with it made it scrumptious!

For the entree, I ordered my usual Chicken Curry Massaman:
Image of Chicken Massaman at Viv in Hell's Kitchen - NYC, New York
There was a nice quantity of it and as you can see, they were generous with the avocado that was ripe. The sauce was divine and had just a bit of kick. The only negative was that the pieces of chicken were too big. Otherwise, it was a very tasty dish.

Viv is for sure a great place for a cheap lunch: definitely an address to keep in mind!

Enjoy (I did)!

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