Last dinner in Paris at Le Franc-Tireur

Image of Le Franc-Tireur in Paris, France

Our last night in Paris, it was pouring outside, so we decided to find a restaurant close to our hotel. As we wanted something reasonable, we wandered around and found a brasserie called Le Franc-Tireur. What I like about brasseries is the casual atmosphere you will find inside: casual with an eclectic crowd (business people, students, retirees, tourists...). And usually, the wait staff is shouting the orders...

So, we sat in the dinner area and they brought us the ardoise (slate) with the items of the day, as well as the regular menu.
Image of the Dining room at Le Franc-Tireur in Paris, France

Jodi went for La salade du pere Olivier, a salad made with grilled vegetables and fresh goat cheese on a toast.

Image of Salade du pere Olivier at Le Franc-Tireur in Paris, France

It was good and fresh, different from the usual goat cheese salad.

On my side, I got the rumsteak (rump steak) with French fries and bearnaise sauce.
Image of Steak frites at Le Franc-Tireur in Paris, France

I asked the steak to be cooked medium-rare. It was not the best piece of meat I ever had, but it was pretty decent. The fries, although made from frozen ones, were good: crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. 

We, of course, wanted to end the meal with a dessert and got the mi-cuit au chocolat avec de la creme anglaise.
Image of Mi-cuit au chocolat at Le Franc-Tireur in Paris, France

It is a chocolate fondant cake with a vanilla bean sauce that would please any chocolate lover! It had the bold taste of dark chocolate, that paired well with the delicate taste of the sauce. Loved it!

This last dinner was delicious and simple. A good address to know only if you are close by as this food is typical brasserie food and you can find it all over Paris. 

Enjoy (I did)!

And remember: I Just Want To Eat!

Le Franc-Tireur
34 Rue d'Armaillé
75017 Paris, France