Fondue at L'Assiette aux deux fromages in Paris, France

Image of the Entrance of L'assiette aux deux fromages in Paris, France
What I really enjoy in the Winter is a cheese fondue. Not sure I would call it a Fondue Savoyarde or une fondue aux fromages as there is a debate between France and Switzerland as to who made the first cheese fondue...In New York, my favorite places for fondue are Artisanal and for a low key and a rustic atmosphere, Kashkaval. 

In France, a lot of people like fondue and it is not rare to be invited to a fondue party, because it is easy to prepare, fun (if you drop the bread in the cheese, you should have a dare) and delicious. The most common mix of cheese is Comte, Beaufort and Emmental. But, sometimes, people go to the fromager (cheese store) and ask for some cheese to make fondue,  ending up with various ones as the combinations are endless. At home, I have in fact a fondue pot that is electric and sometimes buy a fondue mix that is convenient and pretty descent! 

So, back to my trip: Jodi and I wanted to eat a fondue! We went to one of our favorite spots in Paris: rue Mouffetard. It is a narrow street made of cobblestones. At night, it can be crowded as people go there for the multitude of restaurants you can find: traditional French to Iranian! Looking around, we decided to go to L'Assiette aux fromages. It was not the first time and the last time we went, we had a pretty good meal!

I like the place: warm with its wood all over that reminds a bit of a chalet in the mountain. The big blue cow in the middle of the main dining room is surprising though...
Image of the Dining room of L'assiette aux deux fromages in Paris, France

We decided to order a traditional cheese fondue.
Image of Cheese fondue at  L'assiette aux deux fromages in Paris, France

We were three people to eat it and there was enough for four! The fondue was perfect: unctuous with a hint of kirsh. When you eat fondue, you are always dipping your bread few times to make sure you catch a maximum of cheese...
Besides the bread, they had the great idea to give us some lettuce, potatoes and cured ham.
Image of Cheese fondue sides at  L'assiette aux deux fromages in Paris, France
I was surprised that they served potatoes and cured ham as it is more for another specialty based on cheese called raclette. This was a very good idea! That way, we could make combinations such as potatoes and cheese or potatoes and ham and cheese, etc...And clearly, these potatoes were fantastic! They had a bit of crunch from the roasting that was delicious.

If you do not like fondue, the restaurant offers other specialties such as the reblochon tart:
Image of Reblochon tart at  L'assiette aux deux fromages in Paris, France
or a bavette (flank steak), served with shallots, that was descent.
Image of Flank steak at  L'assiette aux deux fromages in Paris, France

Definitely, the food and the atmosphere gave the impression we were at someone's place, until they brought the check...

If you are in Paris and would like to have a nice diner or enjoy some cheese, L'assiette aux fromages is for you!!! 

Enjoy (I did)!

And remember: I Just Want To Eat!

L'assiette aux fromages
25 Rue Mouffetard
75005 Paris, France
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