Spot Dessert Bar in Koreatown - NYC, New York

Image of Spot Dessert Bar in Koreatown NYC, New York
I was very excited to try the new location of Spot Dessert Bar in Korea Town, on the third floor of Food Gallery 32! The experience we had in the East Village was memorable and I cannot stop thinking about the Green Tea Tiramisu that was the highlight of this discovery (see the review of Spot Dessert Bar here)!

I like Galley 32: lots of food choices and hidden secrets, Spot Dessert Bar being one of them, but I am sure not for too long! The place was the only one opened on the third floor and quasi empty. It is not like the one in the East Village that offers a large selection of incredible desserts. This one has a limited menu. There is of course their best seller: the chocolate green tea lava cake that we tried the last time we went there! 

We decided to try two of their desserts. The first one was the Golden Toast.
Image of Golden toast at Spot Dessert Bar in Koreatown NYC, New York

It is an interpretation of a French toast, made of a honey buttered toast, condensed milk ice cream, fresh strawberries and whipped cream. This was divine! The toast was a brioche that had a delightful buttery taste. Your palate was catching many different flavors, from the butter, to the honey, with the need sometimes to balance the flavors and counteract the sweet taste with the whipped cream. It is a must have!

Then, we tried the Kabocha Brulee Cake.
Image of Kabocha brulee cake at Spot Dessert Bar in Koreatown NYC, New York

It is a pumpkin cake served with condensed milk ice cream, walnut soil and a jasmine flower wafers. Although I enjoyed the ice cream (not sweet fortunately!) and the top part of the cake (brulee), I did not really like that one. Not that this creation was not good, but more the fact that I do not like pumpkin cake (I tried few after that).

Even if I did not like the Kabocha brulee cake, this place is amazing, especially if you like desserts and moreover, desserts with a twist!

Enjoy (I did)!

And remember: I Just Want To Eat!
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