Blue Sky Bakery in Brooklyn, New York

Image of Blue Sky Bakery in Brooklyn, New York
Blue Sky Bakery is a bakery located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I did not go there, but one of my colleagues brought some muffins from there! Considering the smell that invaded our workspace, they were just made and in fact they were still warm. 

He brought us few different kinds:
  • Raspberry and peach,
  • Pumpkin, apple and walnuts,
  • Blueberry and mango,
  • zucchini, cranberry and cream cheese.
I have to say that just reading the labels on the box, you could see that they were made with quite a lot of creativity: they were not your regular chocolate chip or corn muffins! It reminded me of Cupcake wars on the Food Network where 4 bakeries compete to win $10,000; most of the time, the ingredients they have to compose with are unusual and the competitors come up, most of the time, with great ideas!

So I decided to try two of them and cut them in half.

I first went for the zucchini, cranberry and cream cheese.
Image of Zucchini, cranberry and cream cheese muffin at Blue Sky Bakery in Brooklyn, New York
 It was very intriguing: would it have the taste of zucchini? In fact it did not! But I guess the zucchini gave this nice dense texture as well as kept the muffin very moist. The surprise was at the bottom with the cream cheese. Of course, as I cut the muffin into two, there was no surprise...
This muffin is probably one of the best I ever had! 

The next one was the peach and raspberry.
Image of Peach and Raspberry muffin at Blue Sky Bakery in Brooklyn, New York
Very good too, but not as good as the first one. The cake itself had a lighter texture, closer to what a regular muffin would taste. However, the fruit made the difference! You could really taste a natural flavor: these fruits were not coming from a can!

So, I have to say that I really enjoyed these muffins! Eating regular muffins is going to be tough now that I know that there are some incredible creations out there!!!

Enjoy (I did)!

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