Brunch at La Petite Abeille in NYC, New York

Image of La Petite Abeille in the West Village NYC, New York

We went to La Petite Abeille in the West Village on a Sunday. The restaurant was a bit crowded and the poor waiter was alone to attend all the patrons inside and outside. He did a good job!
I went to this place many years ago and wanted to go back specifically for "The Mitraillette" (machine gun) sandwich, a Belgian sandwich made with steak and fries. Where I come from, we use to have an equivalent: beef patty, French fries and ketchup in a baguette; we called it "The American". I remember that I loved it, although the idea of fries in bread can seem weird. 

So, La Petite Abeille (The Little Bee in English) is a Belgian restaurant. I was surprised to see some posters of Tintin as well as comic books from this Belgian hero (Tintin is big in Europe and has been big way before the Steven Spielberg's movie released last year). The atmosphere was casual and homey.

The menu was proposing a wide array of dishes that can satisfy anybody who would like to have a nice brunch: eggs, burger, salad, bread and of course waffles.

We started off with a fresh squeezed orange juice.
Image of Orange juice at La Petite Abeille in the West Village NYC, New York
The OJ was just ok: it was a bit watered down!

Looking at the menu, I did not find the sandwich I was coming for! No Mitraillette! Apparently, they are making it in other locations! So I had to pick something else. I went for the egg cocotte.

Image of Egg Cocotte at La Petite Abeille in the West Village NYC, New York
The dish looked pretty good, but I was expecting something different. Oeufs cocottes are eggs that are baked. They made them with a layer of tomatoes, bacon, goat cheese, eggs and then gruyere cheese. I liked it although the tomatoes rendered water in the bottom, I would have preferred the yolk runny and there was not enough goat cheese. It was served with mashed potatoes that had some leeks in it: weird side! I would have definitely preferred a brioche toast or fries. Not sure I would order this next time!

Jodi ordered the croque monsieur.
Image of Croque Monsieur at La Petite Abeille in the West Village NYC, New York
This was pretty good: way better than the one we got at Pastis or Felix! There was a lot of cheese and they used a nice artisanal bread. It was served with some nice fries.

Of course, we could not leave without trying a Belgian waffle!
Image of Gauffre or Liege waffle at La Petite Abeille in the West Village NYC, New York
We went for a Liege waffle that is is a richer, denser, sweeter, and chewier waffle. It came very hot but was so delicious! A bit doughy, but still delicious! I did not regret that choice and would have easily eaten a second one (even a third...)!

La Petite Abeille is not a bad choice for brunch. Some items might be overpriced, but otherwise, it is decent. I would give it a second chance, especially to try the Mitraillette sandwich!

Enjoy (I did)!

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