Burgers at Stand 4 restaurant in NYC, New York

Jodi and I went for dinner with our friends Annie and Leif to Stand 4 near Union Square to enjoy a burger.
The place, with its bull at the entrance, is pretty big with its high ceilings and mirrors that add an impression of space to the dining room. 

In term of menu, you can either create your own burger (CYOB) or order one of their special ones. If you decide to built one, this is the way it works:
  • choose the bun:
    • brioche, sesame seed Bun, giant enlish muffin, whole wheat, iceberg lettuce (interesting...).
  • choose the patty:
    • beef, turkey, chicken, salmon, veggie, portobello.
  • choose the toppings: 
    • free: lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles.
    • additional charge: white cheddar, swiss, pepper jack, american, blue, mozzarella, carmelized onions, jalepenos, sauteed mushrooms, portobello, avocado, fried egg, smoke applewood bacon, canadian bacon, mac & chez, beef chili, turkey chili, cole slaw, kewpie japanese mayo, any sauce or mayo.
Jodi created her own with brioche, beef patty, American cheese, mushrooms and pickles.

Mine was the Buffalo Beef Burger. I asked for a brioche bun. Otherwise, it is made with fried onions, white cheddar, BBQ sauce and comes with blue cheese dressing on the side.

Both burgers were fantastic! The bun was toasted and soft. The meat was juicy and tasty with a nice amount of it. The Buffalo Beef Burger was a bit big to eat, but it was manageable. I loved the different flavors mixed together and only regret the lack of heat from the BBQ sauce. 

With the burgers, we ordered some sides...

French fries:

Skin on, crispy and well cooked (I hate undercooked fries!)

Tater tots.

Nothing special: pretty standards...

Onion rings:

I did not like them: some were stuck together and the batter was missing salt.

For the story, the kitchen forgot our sides and not only offered us the fries (we did not order them), offered us the tater tots and onion rings, but also gave us some coupons for mini milkshakes for the next time we go there. Always nice to see when a restaurant is addressing an issue appropriately. 

So I mentioned milkshakes! Yes, they do offer milkshakes: with or without alcohol (vodka, rum...). They have some interesting flavors: toasted marshmallow, cookies and cream, blueberry pie...I picked the nutella one! I love nutella so it was an easy choice and I was pretty excited as it was the first time I saw that on a menu. 

The nutella milkshake came with a light and delicious whipped cream. The milkshake itself was amazing: it was not too thick (anyway, they provided a large straw) and had the perfect quantity of nutella. More would have been too much!

So, I can tell you that after the burger, sides and milkshake, I was full! I really enjoy the dinner and will certainly go back to Stand 4 to try their other burgers like the kobe beef one. Definitely to recommend!

Enjoy (I did)!

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