Yogo Frozen Yoghurt Truck in NYC, New York

Within the madness of the food trucks, I found this Frozen Yoghurt truck called Yogo (I guess Yoghurt on the Go). 
You can often see this pink truck at Union Square. If you do, get some: it is delicious and refreshing.
I really like the idea of frozen yoghurt: a good healthy treat. It is more and more popular in fact in the City, with chains like Red Mango or  Pinkberry opening everywhere. 
According to Yogo, here are some of the benefits of frozen yoghurt:

  • Low cholesterol, low sodium and low carbs.
  • Live and active probiotic cultures.
  • Boots the immune system.
There are two flavors: tart (80 calories - my favorite) and vanilla. Of course, the healthy aspect can be eliminated depending on the toppings you will pick! 

My favorite is original tart with M&M's.
The small size is a good quantity.

They also have sprinkles.
And for a healthier treat, strawberries!
Of course they have other toppings that I am sure will suit anybody!

Enjoy (I did)!
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