Sri Thai - Restaurant in Hoboken, NJ

Image of Vegetable Spring rolls at Sri Thai restaurant in Hoboken NJ, New Jersey
Sri Thai is a small restaurant off the main street of Hoboken. I think that with T Thai, it is one of my favorites there. The restaurant is small, a bit dark and the service has always been good there.

The food is also good, particularly the frog legs...Yes, I usually go to to Thai restaurants hoping that they will have frog legs. There are few restaurants in New York that offer them, like Chez Napoleon (50th between 8 and 9th avenue in New York) or La Grenouille, but with more expensive prices. When I was a kid, we use to cook it for New Year, sauteed first and then cooked in a creme fresh, garlic, parsley and lemon sauce (i probably forgot some butter...). People sometimes ask me what it tastes like and the usual answer is "like chicken". No, it does not taste like chicken. It has a blander taste, so seasoning and / or sauces are very important. What is great is that they propose three different frog legs (Kha Gob) dishes:

  • Kha Gob Gra Paw: sauteed frog legs with basil leaves and chili.
  • Kha Gob Gra Tiem: fried frog legs with garlic sauce.
  • Kha Gob Pad Ped: fried frog legs with eggplants and hot chili paste.
Image of Frog legs with basil leaves and chili  at Sri Thai restaurant in Hoboken NJ, New Jersey

I tried all of them and they are all delicious, but I think my favorite is the one with garlic sauce. The frog legs have a quite good size and are not greasy, although I guess that the sauce would hide that. 

But, they also have other great dishes that I also tried, like the curry massaman. I also really like the tofu pad see ew (thick noodles).
Image of Pad See Ew with vegetables and tofu  at Sri Thai restaurant in Hoboken NJ, New Jersey
They are very tasteful and delicious. The tofu is perfectly done and seasoned.

For appetizer, I am a big fan of the vegetable spring rolls (first photo above). They always come extremely hot though and as it is a finger food...They are crispy and great to start a meal!

Sri Thai is a great little gem in Hoboken with reasonable prices and delicious cuisine. It was not the first time I went and it will not be the last!

Enjoy (I did)!

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