Falafel at Taim in NYC, New York

Image of Taim in NYC, New York
In my quest for the best falafel, I decided to try Taim (pronounce Ta-eem) in the West Village. Taim means in Hebrew tasty, delicious. Seems a bit pretentious, no? So let see!

First, the place is tiny and you can only sit on one of the stools near the window or outside, on a bench. If the restaurant is packed, as it seems it can be, this can be a problem....Especially as there is no park nearby where you can enjoy your sandwich!

Anyway, I am there for the falafel and even this small detail cannot stop me. 

We started with a falafel sandwich:
Image of Falafel sandwich at Taim in NYC, New York

First you decide which falafel you will get: green (traditional), harissa (spicy - harissa is a chili paste from Tunisia) or red (made with red peppers). We picked the green. Note that they also offer a tasting of falafels. They served it in a pita (choice of white or whole wheat) and with hummus, israeli salad, pickled cabbage and tahini sauce. This was very good! The falafels were crunchy and not oily at all, cooked all the way through (everything is done to order and the food is prepared daily).

We also ordered a Sabish sandwich:
Image of Sabish sandwich at Taim in NYC, New York

It is made of sliced eggplant, fried to order, with an organic egg (sliced), parsley, hummus, israeli salad, pickled cabbage, tahini and amba (mango pickle condiment). That was a bit surprise! So good with all the flavors! It is a good alternative to the traditional falafel sandwiches, especially if you do not like them. I was happy to be sitting though, because the eggplant was a bit oily (not surprisingly) and the oil ended in the bottom of the pita.

With your sandwich, you can enjoy a lemonade or a smoothie....I did not go for the smoothie, but the lemonade was good, nothing exceptional. I guess the mint and ginger lemonade would have been a better choice!

This was a great simple lunch there and the sandwiches were delicious! You should definitely try. Now, is it the best? I do not know: there are so many places that I need to do more research...

Enjoy (I did)!

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