European vacation - Part 7 - Crepes at Le Celia in Grenoble, France

Crepes are a very thin version of pancakes that originated in Brittany and are today commonly eaten all around France (for instance, there is a whole street with crepes restaurants - creperies- in Paris). There are two types: the ones made with wheat flour (crepes de froment) and the ones made with buckwheat (galettes). They are not complicated to make (I promise I will post the recipe soon) and are great because you can put whatever you want in it! 

In NYC, there are plenty of places where you can eat delicious crepes: Maison on 53rd and 7th or Bar Suzette in Chelsea Market are a good example.

So here we are in Grenoble, at Le Celia, a very popular creperie. I went there last year and we decided to go back. I like the decor that references Brittany and its fishermen. The restaurant is warm with its blue walls. Reservation is suggested because it gets very busy!
There menu is composed of traditional crepes but also some creations like the leeks fondue, seafood...
They serve a smoked salmon crepe (Norwegian) that is great! 
The presentation is beautiful with all the elements that you would normally find rolled in the crepe, on top of it! It includes of course the smoked salmon, but also the creme fraiche and some fish eggs.

The fromagere (photo 1 on top) is my favorite: it has some emmental, roquefort and goat cheese in it! Mixed together with the softness of the crepe gives a very nice texture.

Of course, if you do not like crepes, you can go for a salad! They even have one with foie gras!

If you would like to try crepes, I suggest you go to Le Celia: you will not regret it!

Enjoy (I did)!

Le Celia
1 rue Irvoy 
38000 Grenoble