Baked by Melissa Cupcakes in NYC, New York
Baked by Melissa has been a cupcake sensation for the past few years. The particularity of these cupcakes is that they are bite size and paperless.  Each of them costs $1 (time of this post). They also offer the possibility of creating your own, but for this, you will need to order 300 of them!

The place was opened by Melissa Bushell and her partners, after she lost her job in advertising. Since it opened in 2009, several stores were added and Baked by Melissa has become a reference for cupcakes.

So we decided to try some of them. We picked 12 cupcakes (6 different varieties) for $10. Smartly, they put them in a box with holes to hold the cupcakes. That way, they do not dance in the box while you are walking!
We picked:
 The cinnamon cupcake: this is my favorite. Great cinnamon taste! It is made with yellow cake, cinnamon stuffing, vanilla icing and cinnamon sugar topping.
 The cookies and cream: pretty good too with a nice chocolate cookie on top. The rest of the cupcake is chocolate cake, chocolate cookie stuffing and vanilla icing.
 The chocolate chip pancake was one of my least favorites. It is made with yellow pancake, maple syrup icing and chocolate chips on top. The cake was quite dry!
 The red velvet cupcake (red velvet cake, cream cheese icing and red sugar crystal on top). It was an ok cupcake. At least the cake was moist, but there was not enough icing on top.
 The S'mores: made with chocolate cake, and stuffed with Graham cracker and fluff. The top was made of the same Graham cracker and fluff with also chocolate icing. It was pretty good.
The Tie dye, made of vanilla Tie Dye cake, vanilla icing and topped with rainbow sugar crystals. It was just ok.

So, at the end of the day, it was an ok experience: out of 6 cupcakes, I like 3 (the cookies & cream, the cinnamon and the S'mores). The cake was pretty inconsistent, sometimes moist, sometimes dry and there was clearly not enough icing. They were also quite sugary. These cupcakes are nice to try and cute to look at, but they are definitely not the best (Sweet in Hoboken is definitely the best!).

Enjoy (I half did)!

And remember: I Just Want To Eat!

  Baked By Melissa on UrbanspoonBaked by Melissa on UrbanspoonBaked by Melissa on Urbanspoon