Tang Pavillion in New York, New York

Tang Pavillion is a chinese restaurant located outside of Chinatown, Midtown. The cuisine is supposed to be from Shanghai and Soo Chow provinces. But, normally, Shanghai cuisine is spicy and Tang Pavillion is not. So is it a true good Chinese restaurant? Well, each time I went, I saw a lot of Asian people eating there: this is a sign that the cuisine is authentic. They probably make it less or not spicy to satisfy a greater number of customers. 

The atmosphere in the restaurant differs if you go for lunch during the week, for dinner or during the week end. During the week, it is a madhouse! So, what people take as rudeness, is efficiency (note that all the staff says "Hello" when we enter the restaurant and get seated)! Think about it: the rent for a restaurant in Midtown must be high; the prices, although not cheap (I would lower them by 10%), are still low for the area, so they need a high turnover. Hence the food coming quickly and the fast service.
Concerning the decor, there is nothing that wow me. The main room is in the back and there are no windows, increasing the sense of busyness at lunch time! Not the best place for a romantic dinner.

When seated, you can get some tea (free) and they bring you some appetizers: peanuts and pickles.

I always ask for pickled turnips: crunchy and tasty.

Concerning the food, I tasted several dishes there:

I love the duck with black bean sauce: the meat is well cooked and the sauce delicious! They serve it with peppers and onions. A bit salty though. 

The chicken with cashew nuts is also very good and the meat is usually moist.

The shrimp with vegetables are for those who think it is a healthy dish. Not my favorite. I think it might need more seasoning.

I also tried their chicken pan fried noodles: awesome! At least they put some noodles if you see what I mean Ollies!!! The General Tso is also delicious with a choice of chicken or shrimp. It is not too spicy, but has enough kick! 
One time I went for their dim sum: I loved it. I do not like when the shell is too thick; theirs is perfectly made.

Last, for dessert, they always bring a fortune cookie and fruits. Nice attention that helps clean your palate!

Tang Pavillion is definitely one of my favorite Chinese restaurants (with the Peking Duck House) outside of Chinatown. Don't get fooled if you get rushed: the food is great!

Enjoy (I did)!

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