The Old Homestead: home of the steaks and burgers!

The Old Homestead is definitely an institution: located in the famous meatpacking district in New York, it is one of the longest continually serving restaurant in the USA that opened in 1868! For me, it is one of the best Steakhouses in New York and trust me: I tried many! Their meat is of great quality, perfectly cooked and each time I went, I was never deceived! Their filet mignon is awesome, but my favorite is the ribeye: juicy with an incredible taste! I am drooling just thinking about it! However, one thing they removed from their menu is the truffled Mac & Cheese; they replaced it with a Lobster Mac & Cheese. I think it is a mistake: Mac & Cheese is a great side for a steak house, that changes from a regular mash potatoes, bland broccolis or fries. But not everybody likes seafood in it! I would have kept the truffled Mac & Cheese: it was incredibly delicious!

This restaurant otherwise is like many steakhouses: dark atmosphere with dimmed light, wood and leather for a warm and cozy feeling. They have a big cow on top of the entrance, outside, that clearly defines the place! The service is attentive and courteous.

These days, for lunch, they are serving the Burger Diamonds: a lunch menu that includes a beer or glass of wine, a caesar salad (nice portion), three sliders and tater totes. 

The three sliders were:
  • Filet mignon with truffled mushrooms and an onion ring on top. 
  • Kobe beef with caramelized onions and bacon. In fact, this restaurant was one of the first in America to serve Kobe beef.
  • Sirloin with cheddar.
All the sliders were great: juicy, tasty and perfectly cooked (medium for me), that is difficult considering the size of the piece of meat they have to work with. They give you a very decent portion. My favorite was the sirloin: it was the juiciest of the three and the sharp cheddar was awesome! The burger bun was a brioche (not dry at all) and there was a nice proportion bread/meat. The tater totes were also delicious, not greasy and crispy. All of this served in a playful way, with on the bottom some reproduction of a newspaper and a cauldron to serve the tater totes. Last, they give you enough ketchup and mayonnaise, so you do not have to beg for more!

This restaurant remains one of my favorite steakhouses in New York!

Enjoy (I did)!
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