La Piazza at Eataly: I wish I was living there!

As you probably know from reading my other posts on Eataly located in New York City, I love this place! The only negative is that it is crazy other there with all the people who, like me, want to enjoy some great Italian delicacies! This time, we tried La Piazza, with its delicious cheeses and salumi. The setting is awkward: you either eat at the bar or on the marble high standing tables (no chairs), in the middle of the marketplace, with people passing by. Not the best place for a quiet meal! The service was great and I loved sitting at the bar, watching the preparation of the orders. 

The menu is mainly centered around wine, cheese and meat, but you can get some specialties from restaurants nearby such as Il Pesce (for seafood). They also make fresh mozzarella daily. We went for the Grande Piatto Misto Di Salumi & Formaggi that is a selection of meat and cheeses. The cheeses that day were (from left to right): ricotta, parmigiano reggiano, pecorino toscano, taleggio and gorgonzola. For meats, they served us prosciutto di Parma, prosciutto San Daniele, Mortadella, prosciutto Cotto, speck and Salami.
They also gave us, with the bread, some almonds in honey, candied orange peel and figs, to eat with the cheese (good call for people who do not like strong cheeses). 
The presentation on a wooden cutting board was awesome, with the different colors and texture of the meats and shapes of the cheeses! It gave a rustic feel to the entire dish. Although the quantity was not enormous, I really enjoyed it, alternating cheese and meat. 

I also got a crudo from Il Pesce, composed of pink snapper, fluke and Halibut. I like raw fish so the texture was not a problem for me. It was served with some olive oil and salt. Simple and delicious.