Koryodang: Korean pastries???

One time, we were walking in Koreatown in New York City, looking for Red Mango and noticed this big (very high ceiling), modern and bright pastry shop with a calm atmosphere (probably the water fountain and stones). We right away saw the different pastries and decided to go for a lemon tart and a chocolate tart: this was delicious and reminded me the tarts I used to have in France. Who would have thought that I would find some delicious pastries in a Korean patisserie? We went back another time and tried their hot cocoa, that is pretty decent: they, at least, use milk and not water, and you can ask for some whipped cream.
So, after we got this memorable dinner at Il Bastardo few weeks ago, we kind of needed to end the evening with something sweet. And guess what: we ended up at Koryodang, again. They had a whole bunch of cakes, but, unfortunately, they did not indicate what was what. So we asked the waiter what it was and his answer was quite amusing: "it is cakes" he said, slightly annoyed! You know what? I would not have guessed!!! Of course it is cake! So we gently asked him to describe them; this would not happen if they put a description for each pastry (duh!). Finally, we came home with two cakes: a white tiramisu and a chocolate truffle cake. Both cakes were delicious, not too sweet and very light.

Koryodang is definitely a good address to know if you need a dessert! By the way, Koryodang is apparently a term used by a group of friends to call upon the only korean friend that they have.

Enjoy (I did)!
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