Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

Ruth's Chris is one of my favorite Steakhouses. This franchise, more than 45 years old and more than 100 restaurants, never disappointed me! I always had good pieces of meat (most of them are USDA prime that is the highest grade), tender and cooked to perfection. They cook their steaks in butter (how can you go wrong with that) and bring them to the table in 500 degree Fahrenheit plates, causing the meat to sizzle in the butter. What is great is that you can hear this distinctive noise while the waiters walk across the room, and I can only lookup to see what other patrons ordered. At the same time, your nose will catch this amazing smell of butter and meat. The plate is so hot that it will continue cooking your steak once on your table. That is why they will always bring it to your table slightly undercooked.
image of Filet Mignon at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in NYC, New York

My favorite is the filet mignon: you can cut it like butter; it is juicy and has a delicious taste enhanced by a bit of salt. If you like strip steak as well, I suggest the Porterhouse (strip steak and filet), but be ready for a feast!
Crab cakes at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in NYC, New York Crab cakes at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in NYC, New York
Their crab cakes are awesome: you can see the lump crab and eating them in the sizzling butter is amazing.
The only thing they are lacking for me is some originality for the sides: what they are proposing is pretty basic and none of them make you think: "I have to try that one". They do not even have a nice Mac & Cheese!

So, forget the sides and go for the meat!

Enjoy (I did)!
image of Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

And remember: I just want to eat!
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