Disappointing Almond Croissant!

As mentioned in a prior post, Freshdirect has some very good chocolate croissant. They are also selling almond croissants, that are croissants filled with some almond paste and with something made of almonds, if not almonds, on top. I was very excited to try their almond croissant! What a disappointment! First of all, during the transport, all the almonds fell off! Then, the amount of almond paste is ridiculous! You can only taste it in the middle of the croissant! I think I understand now, why it is called "Almond croissant" without a "s" at the end of almond!!!

I think I will stick to the croissants and chocolate croissant and go to the Old German Bakery in Hoboken next time I want an almond one!

Enjoy (without almond, I did)!