Brunch at 3 Forty Grill in Hoboken, NJ

We were looking for a place for brunch in Hoboken: something new with an appealing menu. After looking at different alternatives, I saw the menu of the 3 Forty Grill restaurant. I just needed to see that they had Truffled Eggs Benedict to be convinced that it was the place to go!
I did not think the restaurant was the way it was: the dining area is separated from the bar and has stunning views of the New York skyline. Tables are not right next to the others that is something I appreciate: I do not need to listen to people's conversation nor do they have to listen to mine! The service was courteous and efficient.
So of course, I picked the Truffled Eggs Benedict made with prosciutto di parma (from parma if you have any doubt) and a black truffle hollandaise sauce. It was also served with a salad and hash brown that were great: well cooked, no greasy with some burn part that I loved! As soon as they brought the dish, I could smell the truffles! I tasted it too! This dish is amazing! If you like eggs benedict and also like truffles, you have to try it! It was earthy and savory. 
We also had the salmon platter served with a bagel, cream cheese and 2 boiled eggs. The presentation was very appetizing and there was a lot of smoked salmon on the plate! I loved the presentation!

It was definitely a good brunch and I will certainly go back there to either eat again the eggs or try another specialty! 

Enjoy (I did)!

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And remember: I just want to eat!