Back from Vermont!

Although back few days ago, I wanted to do a recap of the food I had in Vermont. I had quite different choices and made sure that my stomach was part of the trip....

Cheese Fondue:
I am going to start with the cheese fondue: we bought at the supermarket a pre-packaged Swiss fondue. Making fondue is not difficult, but the pre-packaged ones are pretty decent and even better than the fondue I had one time at the restaurant The Melting Pot in Hoboken (way too much garlic)! You just need a fondue pot, put the fondue mix in it, heat it and enjoy! Of course, you need bread to dip in the cheese: I either have some old hard bread or some fresh bread. If you do not have a pot, you can use a pan, but need to eat quicker as the cheese has to be well melted. The legend says that you should not drink water during the meal otherwise it will be like plaster in your stomach! I am wondering if it is not to make people drink more wine (white of course and dry)!

The Whip Bar and Grill at the Green Mountain Inn:
I was surprised by the quality of the meal! This place looks like a casual restaurant, but their menu is pretty elaborate and I had an excellent dinner there! The Gorgonzola crusted filet mignon was delicious; I was surprised considering the fact that it was not a steakhouse. The truffle scented mash potatoes were amazing too! I hate when they announce that there is truffle and you cannot taste it! This time I did! Then I got the duck: I love any type of poultry and duck is no exception. The difficulty is not to overcook it: it was perfectly done! I also had a butternut squash and cider soup that was very good. Not as good as the one I had at Art Smith's restaurant in Washington, Art and Soul, that was served with gingerbread and creme fraiche (type of sour cream).

Ben & Jerry's:
Now that I went to the Ben & Jerry's factory, I have a different perception: I did not know that they were promoting fair trade (and that they are from Vermont)! 
The factory tour was only worth it for the sample at the end (Milk and Chocolate - excellent!): the factory was not running and you do not walk on the floor so you are losing some information there. I then tried the Jimmy Fallon creation: Late Night Snack that is vanilla ice cream, fudge covered potato chips and a salty caramel swirl. I love the sweet and salty taste. The ice cream is more on the sweet side, but it is fine: after all it is an ice cream!

The Hourglass Lounge at the Stowe Resort:
We went for a quick snack and I had a burger. The meat was tasty, moist and perfectly cooked. The fries were kind of crispy, nothing worth to remember. 

Mac Donald's and Burger King:
Do you really want me to do a recap on that? Only few words: I would eat there only when necessary! The meat was tasteless! Once you have tried a good burger, you cannot go back to this!

I had other great food: the fruits, snow and maple syrup, as well as the Thanksgiving dinner (shall I say feast?) with our friends are memorable. 

I hope you too had a good time with friends and Family around a good dinner!

I just wanted to eat!