My new BFF: Alfred

Sad to say: my new Best Friend Forever is Alfred, an application for Iphone from CleverSense, that should be available on Android and Windows 7 devices soon. Its original name was supposed to be Seymour, but I think Alfred is better! 

What makes the difference between this app and still useful sites like Yelp, is that it is personalized: you will teach Alfred your favorite places and he will propose restaurants (applies also for drinks) to you, taking into account what you liked, the location, the genre and the price. Alfred will then display the results. If you select a restaurant, it will show you basic information, the ratings/comments from people, the menu, some photos and what other restaurants fans of this one like. You can then mark if you liked the restaurant or not, map it, share it with friends or send the link by email. The interface is easy to use and the character amusing with his bow tie that spins when he is thinking (searching).

I love it! I wish Alfred could also pay the bill....

Enjoy (I always do)!