Restaurant Review: Akbar (Edison, New Jersey)

I went to Akbar twice and I have to say that it is quite difficult to find if you do not know it is there! This place is huge! It has three different rooms that can accommodate 600, 110 and 80 guests! The metallic doors to the different rooms are beautiful. The entrance is decorated with amazing stained glass that I think represent Akbar, a Mughal Emperor from the XVI th century. 

They serve a buffet that is pretty good!
There are in fact three areas:

  • The main buffet area (photo).
  • A table with some appetizers.
  • The table for desserts. This one is important of course! Especially knowing that they always serve two desserts: a specialty and an ice cream. Most of the indian buffet I went to only proposed one dessert! That's a plus.

The buffet offers a soup, a salad / fresh vegetables, as well as 5 different dishes. 
The day I went, they had: tandoori chicken (photo 1), Palak Softa (photo 2 - spinach with grated cottage cheese), dahl (photo -3) lentils), Phool Gobi barnasi (photo 4 - cauliflower) and Chana beans poriyal (no photo). It was very good and tasty. All the dishes were very flavorful and all the spices were dancing in my mouth! I only regret that they did not serve another meat like Chicken Tikka Masala that is pretty standard!

With your meal, they will serve some buttered nan (bread) and a dosa, that is like a crepe, that originates from South India. Seeing them making the dosa was interesting! Look at the photo below and you will see how they spread the batter. The result is delicious! 
Last but no least is the dessert: it is called Semiya Keer. It is like a rice pudding but the rice is replaced by angel hair pasta. It was so good that I had two bowl...little bowls...very little....

That was a very good meal at a very good price (less than $9). Definitely worth trying it!

Enjoy (I did)!
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