Great Bread and Cheeses from Eataly!

So, here is my last post (at this time) on this fantastic place that is Eataly! We went back to get some bread and some Italian cheeses. It was Sunday and it was packed! This is really a successful concept!
For the bread, we got a classic French baguette at a reasonable price. This bread was as good as the baguettes you can buy in a boulangerie in France! We even got some left that we toasted the next day for breakfast and ate with some butter and jam. That was a great tartine!
After that came the difficult choice of cheeses. Difficult because there were so many that looked so good! We decided to try 4 of them:

  • A Talllegio (top) that is made of cow's milk: it is very cream, with a strong and tangy taste. Not too strong though.
  • A capriccio (right): goat cheese, sweet and tangy.
  • A Blu di buffala (blue cheese): made with pasteurized buffalo's milk. Its texture is semi-soft and becomes creamier at room temperature, with a very mild taste.
  • Burrata: outer shell is made of solid mozzarella and the inside is cream. I added some kosher salt and some olive oil to it. This tastes so fresh!
To eat with the cheese, we picked a pear jam! It was awesome! The sweetness of the jam will counterbalance the strong taste of the cheese. You can also try to put butter on the bread if you do not like strong cheeses!

Last, I will mention the packaging of the cheeses that was very convenient: some kind of boxes. It is better than film, especially when you try to repackage what is left!

I am now a big fan of Eataly! There are some many choices for great meals that I will probably be there often...

Enjoy (I did)!

And remember: I just want to eat!