A French Brasserie In The Heart of New York - Brasserie Cognac

Brasserie Cognac, located near Columbus Circle in New York, serves delicious brunches! I never tried their dinner, but the brunch menu is quite good. I like the feel of the restaurant that reminds me of brasseries you can find in Paris. They in fact sat us next to the window, overlooking the street, and it was as if we were there (I am not comparing the streets of Paris with the streets of New York, just the relaxed feeling of eating outside, watching people passing by).
The Chef of the restaurant, Florian Hugo, worked under the supervision of the world renowned Alain Ducasse. I learnt that he is a direct descendant of Victor Hugo, the famous French writer of Les Miserables! Well, our food experience did not make us miserables at all!

So, for brunch, they have a prix-fixe: for a little less than $25 (in 2011), you get a drink (I got a nice belini -  Champagne with peach nectar), an appetizer and a dessert. One of their famous appetizers is the Gougeres: some warm cheese puffs served in a basket. Light and delicious. They also have a fantastic homemade chicken and duck liver mousse on toasts. Very tasty!
For entrees, their mussels mariniere (white wine, shallots, light cream, parsley) with fries are very good. The filet mignon burger is good too: well cooked (I asked medium) and moist. I wish they put more tartare sauce on it and found it overpriced when looking at the price on the menu ($18). 

The best is their Croque Monsieur! First, the way it is presented is awesome (on a cutting board, cut in stripes) and so appetizing! Then the taste: divine! Especially the cheese on top that is gratinee. It is served with a salad. 

Definitely it is a good brunch and I will probably try for dinner one day! Worth mentioning that they have a bakery next door where you can get some great croissant and pains au chocolat (chocolate croissant).

Enjoy (I did)!

And remember: I just want to eat!
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