Restaurant Review: Uncle Jack's Steakhouse (New York, NY)

I love steaks and the meat in this country is incredible! But not all restaurants know how to cook a good steak. Of course the quality of the meat is important too. So, what I am looking for is good piece of meat and good way of cooking it. As I mentioned in a prior post, I have a rule that says that I should not have a steak if the restaurant is not a steakhouse. Steakhouses are specialized in steaks, so they should know how to make them!

I went to Uncle Jack's few months back for lunch and had a special: surf and turf for $29. It came with a petite filet mignon, a small lobster tail with clarified butter, and mash potatoes. It was delicious! So we decided to go for dinner! I am going to make my usual comment: the restaurant was dark! why? One of my colleague thinks that it is because steakhouses were more geared to men decades ago. And so???
At Uncle Jack's, the meat is of the highest quality (USDA Prime) and aged for 21 to 28 days on premises. They cook it at 1800 degrees on an infrared broiler that gives a nice char and then finish the meat at temperature, served with their natural au jus.

I had a very good meal there! I started with crab cakes (I know I am obsessed). They were good and you could see and taste the lump crab! However, I did not like the sauce (kind of a lobster sauce). 
I then ate a bone in filet mignon; first time I tried that! The taste is between the filet mignon and the prime rib with a fattier meat around the bone. The meat was perfectly cooked, tender and very juicy. As a side, we picked onion rings: they were big! Not greasy at all, just missing a bit of salt. Of course we could not finish the meal without a desert...We chose the creme brulee: delicious!

This was definitely a good meal! Uncle Jack's is an address to have in mind for steaks!

Enjoy (I did)!
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