Hoboken Art And Music Festival!

So today we went to the Hoboken Art And Music Festival. Ok, I have to admit, I only go for the art of food! I like going to this kind of festivals because you can try different types of food! Of course, not everything is good! I retrieved for instance this BBQ place that I tried last year: their beef was so dry you had to put lots of BBQ sauce. So we walked around and picked different dishes.

Let's start with one of the standard dishes that you can find in any street fair: the Mozzarepa. It is a twist on the arepa, a south american dish. The Mozzarepa is like a sandwich made of 2 arepas (corn pancakes) that are grilled instead of being fried with mozzarella in the middle. It is served hot, so not that great in the summer, but I cannot resist! The first bite makes you want more!

We then went to the Shrimpman, a stand serving buffalo shrimp and buffalo potato. For $11, you get 8 shrimp, potatoes and a fresh homemade lemonade. This was pretty good and the shrimp had a good kick! Again, spicy food on a hot day....Fortunately I had the lemonade! The potatoes were delicious with a little char on it.

Next, was a cheese steak at an all italian stand. The meat was tender, the onions well caramelized and the bread delicious! Overall good but I wish they put more meat! 

We finished of course with desert: cookies from Sassy Sweet Treats. We got 4 cookies for $5. They were great! There was enough chocolate and it was not sugary (I hate when they put sugar on top of cookies or brownies! Isn't it sugary already???).

Enjoy (I did)!