Restaurant Review: Obrycki's Crab House (Baltimore, MD)

One of my favorite shows is Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel. Each time we go somewhere, we check if Adam Richman, the host, went there and check out the restaurants he tried. We saw the episode in Baltimore, MD and decided to go to Obrycki's, a crab house located in Fells Point (you can watch the video here or watch it on TV on August 12, 2011 at 3pm), but also at the Baltimore and Cleveland airports. 

The restaurant is nice, although the fact that a cop was in front of it all night long made us wonder where we were going!!! The service was very good and the wait staff kept checking on us that is always appreciated (to a certain point of course!).
They have a wonderful menu for seafood lovers with crab, shrimp, mussels....One of their main "attraction" is the hard shell blue crabs: they will simply put them directly on the table and provide you with a crab mallet to break the shell. I have to admit that the experience seems to be fun but probably for few of them; after the fun is gone and it seems to be frustrating. So, I decided to try three different specialties: the cream of crab soup, the crab cake and the seasoned snow crab with drawn butter. The cream of soup was good but extremely thick (the consistency of a pudding) and the crab cake was so so (too much bread crumbs). The snow crab however was delicious and perfectly cooked (overcooked seafood is quite bad). I also tried the tuna that was grilled (you can choose blackened otherwise): I am not a fan of all the way cooked tuna and prefer pan seared.
To digest (what?), we tried the bread pudding: not that great either (too heavy and dry). 

Overall, it was not an unbelievable meal but I enjoyed it. If you have the chance to go, try it! Be aware though that the location in Fells Point will close beginning of November so if you want to try, you will have to go to the airport.

Enjoy (I kind of did)!
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