Restaurant Review - Good Eats (Woodbridge, NJ)

Image of Food at the restaurant Good eats in Woodbridge NJ
Oh Boy! I should have worn my stretch pants the day I went to Good Eats!!! This restaurant is pretty good and the portions are quite...big. Good Eats is a Tex-Mex and Cajun restaurant (interesting combination) that serves traditional Tex-Mex dishes such as fajitas, tacos, etc...and traditional Cajun cuisine such as crawfish etouffee, Jambalaya or blackened fish. I went for lunch and the restaurant was full; apparently, on the week end, it is packed and you need to be patient to have a table. The atmosphere in the restaurant reminds me John Wayne's movies, but, fortunately, my meal did not end up in a fight. 

I had the chance of trying different dishes (now you will understand my first comment): I chose the chicken taco and cheese enchilada combination plater and picked jambalaya instead of rice & beans (great that they give the choice). I also asked for guacamole (good) and sour cream (extra). The chicken taco (soft taco shell) was ok: I wish they put some cheese in it. The cheese enchilada however was delicious: they were very very generous with the cheese! The Jambalaya was quite good and was an excellent way to try some Cajun cooking at the same time. I also tried the blackened catfish that was tasty, although spicy (normal for a blackened fish). Finally, I tried the chicken from the chicken fajita and it was moist and tender. 

I would definitely go back to Good Eats and maybe next time I will try the Margaritas that are supposed to be fantastic!

Enjoy (I do)!
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