Etiquette 101 - The Art of Eating Soup

Some people always wonder how to behave at the table. There are extreme, moderate and relaxed rules and these good manners should not prevent you from enjoying your time at the table. What is interesting is that some of these rules can apply at home, when being a host/hostess or invitee, but they do not apply in a restaurant.

Let's start with Soup: first, be aware that the spoon for the soup must be placed on the right side of the plate. There are two ways of eating soup with the spoon: from the end of the spoon (French way) or from the side (British); in all cases, do not put the entire spoon in your mouth and do not make any sound (slurp!!!)... If the soup is too hot, you are not supposed to blow on it; instead, eat the soup from the sides of the plate. When finishing your soup: do not try to get the last drops of the soup by inclining the plate or using a piece of bread. 

When you are finished, leave the spoon in the plate: do not put it on the table!